Account Settings

As the account owner or administrator, you can update or modify details such as your company's white label settings, billing address, and contact number.

To access your account profile, navigate to the settings menu by clicking on your initials in the top right corner.

White Label Controls

You can replace Gain's branding with your company's logo to ensure your brand takes center stage and provides your clients or stakeholders with a fully customized experience.

  1. Click on Account Profile
  2. Click Set Up White Label
  3. Upload your company's desktop or mobile logo

Tip: We recommend a square version for mobile screens (height ratio of 100:100) and a horizontal version for desktops (max width-to-height ratio of 100:30).

  1. When you toggle on the branding option, your company's logo will substitute the Gain logo.

Company Information

Fill in your company's details under "Company Info." Your company's name will be prominently displayed in all notifications, including pending approval notifications that clients or stakeholders receive and throughout the app. Other details, such as the mailing address and phone number, are optional; only you or an account admin can access and edit this information.

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