Gain costs only $99 per month and that includes your first 10 seats. Additional seats cost just $10 each, including users with the approver-role only. To find out how much you will pay monthly and how much you can save with Gain, visit our pricing page


We offer a discount to users who pay for their Gain subscription annually. 


All plans include:

  • Unlimited Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram accounts (that's right, no limit!)
  • Unlimited content scheduling
  • Unlimited File, Image, and Video storage
  • Unlimited internal and external approval rounds
  • Awesome support


We love non-profits and a discount of 50% is available for organizations that can provide 501(c)(3)  proof of status in the US or equivalent in your country.

Payment methods

Gain accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express for all users.

Contact our Support Team for any questions additional questions on payment methods.

How do annual and monthly subscriptions differ?

Monthly Billing Cycle

With monthly billing, you will be charged at the beginning of the next month. If you add or remove a user during your billing cycle, a prorated amount will be added to your next bill along with the next month’s charge. This will be the same if you remove a user. 


Annual Billing

When you choose annual billing, you can still add or remove users throughout the year. Whenever a change in users occurs, we will charge or credit a prorated amount immediately.

For example, if you start an annual subscription with 10 users you'll be charged for an annual plan with 10 users, which is $990. If exactly halfway through the year you increase your plan to include one more user, you will be charged $100 at that time, which is the prorated subscription amount for that new user.

If you downgrade your plan at any point during annual billing, you will receive a prorated amount to your credit card immediately.

Note: Prorated charges are computed down to the exact minute you make a plan change, so the rate is likely to be a number with dollars and cents (i.e. $12.51) instead of a perfect round number.

View and download your receipts 

To access your Billing History, go to Billing under your User settings. 


Here are a few things you can do on the Billing page: 


  • Access your Billing History and download your payment receipts.
  • See when your next payment(s) due.


Access receipts

Select the PDF icon to download your receipt or, to view each receipt separately, simply click the eye icon. 

Receipts are available after you have paid for your subscription to Gain. 

Upgrade or downgrade your subscription

Account Owners can manage the billing preferences such as credit card information and the current plan in the Billing section. 


Once a valid credit card is entered, you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan at any time. Simply select your desired plan and click the Change Plan button.

Before downgrading your plan, always make sure that any extra users have been removed from your account first. 


Cancel your Gain account

At Gain, we're firm believers in simplicity and making your experience as seamless as possible, so canceling your account is as simple as creating one.

To cancel your Gain account, just submit a cancellation request. We understand that there is always room for us to improve our service and your thoughts are very important to us, even if you decide to cancel. 

Cancellation requests can be done via your Billing page (sign-in required).



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