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Gain allows five different user roles: the Account Owner, Administrators, Publishers, Contributors, and Approvers. In the People in Account section, you can add or change permissions for each user.

Important: A user is everyone who has to login to Gain, be they account owners, administrators, contributors, publishers, or approvers.

Choose the right roles

Each level of permission defines the functionalities the user will be able to access. Here’s what each role means:

Account Owner

The account owner has access to everything in your Gain account. Only the account owner can view and change billing information, such as your plan or the payment method. Each Gain account has only one account owner, and the person who signs up for the account is the account owner by default. 

If you need to transfer ownership to another team member, you can do so from the People in Account page. 


Administrators can have admin rights to Workspaces or the account as specified. As account administrators, they have access to everything except billing information. 

As workspace administrators, they can access Workspace Settings to connect or disconnect social channels, create file folders, modify user permissions, and export data. Workspace Administrators can’t add or remove people from your account or access billing information.


Publishers have access to Workspaces where they can create and edit content, export data, send content to approval, approve or request changes, and schedule and publish. They can’t access account or workspace settings. 


Contributors can create and edit drafts, send content for approval, and edit any content in the approval stages (such as pending approval, revision required, or ready for the next round). They can’t access account or workspace settings, export data, schedule, publish or delete content in any status.

A contributor user can be any internal or external stakeholder or content creator. A typical example of contributors within an agency are interns, freelancers, clients, or contractors whose only task is to create and manage content.


Typically, the approver role is for clients or internal stakeholders whose only task is to approve content. By default, Approvers are logged in via email notifications and don’t need a password to log in to approve content. 

Approvers can access the calendar to see upcoming content but can’t participate in or see any internal activity such as Draft content, @mentions, task assignments, or comments.

Note: Approvers are not part of the content creation team, and as such, they don’t receive an invitation to join your account. Instead, they’re notified via email only when there’s content pending their approval.

Add or remove people & permissions

The account owner or administrator can adjust permissions and add or remove people in People in Account. 

Important: Only the account owner can transfer ownership of the account to another user. 

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