Team Member Roles and Permissions

You can invite people to your Gain account and assign them one of 5 roles: Account Owner, Administrator, Publisher, Contributor, and Approver (Clients). Check out the video below to understand what each role can accomplish and ensure you assign the proper permissions to people in your account.

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Roles and Permissions

Here's a comprehensive overview of each role:

Role Permissions
Account Owner

By default, the person who creates the account owns it, and there's only one owner per account.

  • Unrestricted access to the account
  • Can modify permissions for Admins
  • Can transfer ownership to another Gain user
  • Can change plans and payment information
Account Admin
  • Has unrestricted access to everything in your account except payment information
  • Can change the number of users in the account
  • Can modify permissions of users in the account
  • Can add, edit, or remove workspaces
  • Can access Social Channels in Account to manage all social channels in every workspace
Workspace Admin
  • Can access the Workspace Settings
  • Can connect/disconnect social channels
  • Can add, edit, or remove folders
  • Can add or edit people's permissions in a workspace
  • Can export content in a workspace
  • Can create, edit, and delete content
  • Can upload files into existing folders
  • Can schedule and publish social posts
  • Can export content in a workspace
  • Can send content for approval
  • Can assign and resolve tasks
  • Can access Insights and export them

Any internal or external stakeholder or content creator, like an intern or freelancer.

  • Can create and send content for approval
  • Can upload files into existing folders
  • Can create and edit content in the draft, pending approval or revision status only
  • Can see the activity Activity & Approval trackers
  • Can assign and resolve tasks
  • Cannot schedule or publish social content
  • Cannot change the status of posts or delete content
Approver (Client)

Any client or stakeholder whose only task is to approve content.

  • Doesn't need a password to log in
  • Can access a view only of the calendar to see content in Scheduled or Live status
  • Cannot access Activity & Approval trackers

Manage People in Account

From your People in Account page, you can invite new team members and remove or modify people's permissions. To access it, click on your avatar or initials at the top right.

Add or remove users

  • To invite new people to your account, click Invite Team Member or Client and follow the on-screen instructions. 
  • Select the user's name from the list to remove someone from your account. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on Remove from Account. 

Change roles or permissions

  1. To update a user's permissions, select their name from the list.
  2. Mark the square(s) under each column to specify the role you want that individual to have in the account, workspace(s), channel(s), or folder(s).

Transfer Ownership

Only the account owner can transfer ownership of the account to another user from the People in Account section.

  1. Click on Transfer Ownership
  2. Select the new account owner from the list
  3. Enter your Gain password to confirm
  4. Click Transfer Account Ownership

Important: You will no longer be the account owner once you complete the transfer. You will remain as account admin but cannot view or manage billing.

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