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In Gain, your content progresses through different phases, including stages like Pending Approval. The colored circles on the calendar help you see the status of your posts at a glance.

In this article, we'll walk you through how content moves from draft to published and what happens in each stage so that you can streamline your content workflow.

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Drafts (DRFT)

When you create a new social post or upload a file to a workspace, Gain automatically categorizes it as a Draft.

  • Drafts are only visible to contributors, publishers, admins, and the account owner.
  • Content without a set publishing date appears in the gallery view; if you've set a date, it shows on the calendar.
  • You can keep drafts of your posts in the calendar, even if they're not finished. Approvers can't see your drafts, and Gain will only publish content if it's in Scheduled status. This means that even if content shows in your calendar, it doesn't mean Gain will post it.

Note: If you want to stop an approval process or unschedule a post, you can do so by moving the post back to Draft status.

Scheduled (SCHD)

Gain will only auto-publish content in Scheduled status, so posts in any other status will not auto-publish unless they are manually scheduled or auto-scheduled.


  • Live content refers to social posts that are published on the social network. You can't make any changes or remove them from the calendar; if you need to edit a live post, you'll have to do it directly on the social network.
  • You can manually label files as "live." This is useful for content with deadlines, like blog articles, which Gain can't automatically publish.

Note: You can duplicate and recycle content in live status if you need to reuse it.

Pending Manual Publishing (MPUB)

When your publishing mode is set to Manual Publishing, Gain will send reminders to a designated user when it's time to publish posts in this status. Once Gain sends the reminder, your post's status will be labeled MPUB. After the user publishes the post, they can manually mark it as published, changing its status in the calendar to Live.

For additional information on manual publishing, check out this article.

Pending Approval (PEND)

Gain will set the items to Pending Approval status when you send content for approval.

For additional information on sending content for approval, check out this article.

Tip: Filters in your workspace allow you to filter content in the gallery or calendar view by status. Making it easy for you to create custom views and collaborate with your team.

Requires Revision (REV)

After approvers request changes, Gain sets any items with revisions to Requires Revision status. Approvers can no longer see content in their approval queue when it's set to Requires Revision.

  • In the Notification Center "🔔," you can check if an approver has requested a change for the content you've been working on. Click on the Content ID # to access the content editor and see the revisions.
  • You can see any changes you requested below each approver's name in the Approval section.

For additional information on how to manage change requests, check out this article.

Approved (APPR)

  • Gain will auto-schedule content if this option is enabled before content is sent for approval.

  • Gain won't publish your posts if approved after the publish date. Instead, your posts will be set to Approved status.
  • Publishers/Admins make final edits and manually schedule or publish social posts in this status.
  • Approvers can see content in this status on the calendar.

Ready for Next Round (NEXT)

This status is only relevant when your Approval Workflow includes rounds where "auto-advance to the next round" is disabled. When you set up workflows with multiple rounds, each round allows you to pause the workflow after people in the previous round approve.

With the pause option enabled, Gain will mark your content with the "Ready for Next Round" status, and it's up to the internal team to continue the process and send content for approval to the next round of approvers. To send content to the next round, click the Continue Process button in a post In the Approval section.

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