I added a user to my account but they never received an invitation. What's wrong?

Team members with user roles like Publisher, Contributor, and Administrator, receive invitations to join your account as soon as you add them. Approvers don't get an immediate invitation. Instead, they're notified through email when content is pending their approval.

If a team member hasn't received an invite, here are some potential points to address:

Corporate Server Blocking Gain Notifications

Sometimes, our system may show that the message has been delivered, but the email server might respond with a "received" notice without actually delivering the message. This can occur due to corporate security systems. A few workarounds:

Check for Correctly Spelled Email Addresses

Ensuring that email addresses and company names are correctly spelled when inviting someone to Gain is crucial. With busy schedules, it's possible to make mistakes.

Check the Spam Folder

Verify that emails from support@gainapp.com are not being mistakenly marked as spam and end up in your colleague's spam folder.

Why don’t approvers get notified immediately? 

We skip the early invite for approver-only users to prevent confusion, especially when no content is available for approval. When content is ready for review, approvers receive an email with a secure link to login to their private approval queue. This way, clients can quickly review content without creating a password or setting up a profile.

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