I added a user to my account but they never received an invitation. What's wrong?

New users with Publisher, Contributor, or Administrator access will receive invitations to join your account as soon as you add them. A user can have access to the entire account, a workspace, single channels, or folders. You can choose which channels and workspaces you want them to access the People in Account section or Workspace settings.

By default, approvers will not receive an invitation to join when you add them to your account, but they will receive an email notification as soon as they have content pending their approval. 

If a user you invited to your account has not received a notification, and they’re not approvers, there are a few things to look out for:

1. Corporate Server Blocking Gain Notifications 

It may be the case that your client's email system is blocking notifications from Gain at the server level. Usually, we can see when our system delivers the message and when someone receives or even opens an email. Still, sometimes the email server receives the message and responds to us with a “received” notice without actually delivering the message.  This may happen with corporate security systems.

Finally, have the user contact their IT department and request that our domain (@gainapp.com) be whitelisted.

2. Correct spelling names in email addresses

It may seem like common sense, but it is possible to misspell a name in an email address or a company name with our busy lives. Double-check the address is correct when inviting someone to Gain. 

3. Spam Folder

Make sure that emails from support@gainapp.com are not ending up in their spam folder.

Why don’t approvers get notified immediately? 

We want to make the approval process as simple as possible for clients. When you send content for an approver to review, the email notification includes a secure link that lets them login without a password. They click on the login link in the email, and they're in the app, ready to review content.

Clients don’t have to go through a lengthy process of accepting an invitation and setting up an account beforehand. It is also confusing to invite approver-only users to join the platform when they have no content to approve yet. Our process solves this.

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