A quick guide to approving content

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Gain notifies you only when your feedback is needed. Gain makes it easy to sign in from any device with no login process and no passwords to remember. Email notifications remind you when it’s time to review content with a direct link to that content. 

Think of Gain as your automated assistant, collecting your feedback and notifying the right people on your team to revise and publish the content you’re reviewing.

Before you get started

Typically, approver roles are for clients or internal stakeholders whose only task is to approve content. By default, approvers are logged in via email notifications and don’t need a password to log in to approve or request changes. You also won't receive any notifications until you have real content to approve (unless your account admin chooses to send you an invite during the setup process). 

Approvers can access the calendar to see upcoming content but can’t participate in or access internal activities such as draft content, mentions, task assignments, or comments.

Important: If you don’t receive email notifications, check your spam folder or reach out to support@gainapp.com. You can also double-check with your IT team to ensure emails from @gainapp.com aren’t blacklisted. 

Logging into Gain

When it's your turn to approve, you’ll receive an email notification from Gain that will take you to all pending content. You can review, request changes, and approve content from any device. 

Note: You can request new login links anytime you need one on this page. Gain will send a new link to your email address. 

  • Gain will activate automatic reminders if you don’t log in to approve content within a few hours. Reminders go out at 6, 12, 24, 48, and 72 hours after receiving the first notification. You can turn off reminders from your Notification Preferences

In addition to email notifications, you can turn on browser notifications from your Notification Preferences after logging in. All users, including approvers like you,
have access to Personal Settings

  1. Personal Settings: set up a password (optional), and update your profile photo, name, or email address. 
  2. Notification Preferences: turn on/off email reminders and browser notifications.

Reviewing & approving content on Gain 

All content pending your approval will show up on one page. You can see previews of files and social posts on this page, request changes and annotate files, or simply approve. 

Click the down arrow icon on the Approve button to approve with comments. 

  • Additionally, you’re able to zoom in on documents and mark up specific sections of an image or document to give clear and detailed feedback. You can make multiple annotations in a single revision request, reducing back and forth with your editors.

  • All your revisions are received by the team that works on your content to make the appropriate changes and send the content back to you for final approval. All your feedback is saved within each document or social post, eliminating the need to rummage through email threads. 

Visual calendars to see all your content at a glance

In Gain, you’ll have a content calendar that displays all content that has been published or scheduled to go live over a month. To view the calendar, click “Go to Workspace” and choose your workspace from the dropdown.

In the calendar, you can: 

  • Filter content by their status, social network, or asset type. 
  • See calendar labels related to a particular event or campaign.
  • Go back to the previous months to see already published content. 

What’s next?

Say goodbye to email threads! Gain makes content approvals simple, so your team has more time to focus on what matters. If you’d like to learn more, reach out to our customer success team to ask questions, schedule an onboarding, or just say hi. 👋🏽 

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