Gain for Approvers

In this article, we'll take you through the process of reviewing and approving content in your personalized approval queue. Your approval queue is a place where you can preview files and social media posts, request changes, or add your stamp of approval, all on a single page. As a client or internal stakeholder, you're only alerted when you're needed but can look ahead at the content calendar to see what's on the horizon. 

Jump Ahead

Sign in 

When your feedback or approval is needed, Gain sends you an email notification with a direct link to access all your pending content– no need for passwords. Whether you're on your computer or your mobile device, you can review, suggest changes, or approve content. And if you need another login link, you can request new ones anytime you need them from this page. Gain will send a new link to your inbox. 

You'll also get reminders after a few hours of not logging in to leave feedback at 6, 12, 24, 48, and 72 hours after the first email. You can switch them off, or turn on browser notifications, in your Notification Preferences.

Review & Approve 

All the content you need to approve will show up on one page. You'll see dynamic previews of files and social media posts, can ask for changes, write notes, or just write, "Yep, looks good!" 

Approve with comments

If you want to add comments when you approve, click the arrow next to the Approve button. You can add comments to your approval, just like leaving notes on an email, chat, or spreadsheet. 

Request Changes

To request changes, click on the Request Changes button. The team working on the content gets your input, makes changes, and sends it back to you for the final thumbs-up. All your comments and changes stay with the content, so no more searching through old emails.

Make Annotations

If you need to dive into the nitty-gritty, zoom in on images or documents, mark up sections, and give super clear feedback. You can even make lots of notes in one go to save time. 

Access your calendar 

Having access to your own content planner minimizes the need for back-and-forth communication and allows you to focus on more strategic tasks. To access the calendar, click on “Go to Workspace” and choose your workspace from the dropdown menu. 

You can get a clear picture of all your content plus: 

  • Filter your content by its status (approved, published, or scheduled), social network (Facebook, Instagram, and more, or asset type (videos, images, and more).
  • See labels related to specific events or campaigns and easily spot important occasions. 
  • You can go back to previous months and see all your already-published content. 

With Gain, the process of requesting changes or giving approvals is as simple as a click. Our dynamic previews provide a crystal-clear vision of how your content will look once published.

If you have any questions or need help, feel free to reach out to or schedule a live training session with us

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