My clients are not receiving notifications

When you submit a post for approval, your client should receive an email alert. You can see how long ago an approver was notified in the Approval tab of an item that's pending approval:

Remember that if you send content for approval to a client with pending content, the approver won't receive a new notification. Instead, Gain will send reminders to notify them about pending posts if they have not logged in since you initially sent them something.

If your client is not receiving email notifications or reminders, here are some potential points to address:

Client Has Disabled Reminders

If your client has turned off the option "there is content waiting for me to approve or review," Gain will stop sending automatic reminders to them, and they won't receive reminders even if you manually trigger them by clicking Renotify Approvers. To rectify this, your client should follow these steps:

  1. Click on their initials located in the top right corner.
  2. Navigate to Notification Preferences.
  3. Confirm the box in the email column labeled "There is content waiting for me to approve or review" is checked.

Tip: Encourage your client to enable browser notifications.

Corporate Server Blocking Gain Notifications

Your client's email system may be blocking notifications from Gain at the server level. Sometimes, our system may show that the message has been delivered, but the email server might respond with a "received" notice without actually delivering the message. This can occur due to corporate security systems. A few workarounds:

Check for Correctly Spelled Email Addresses

Ensuring that email addresses and company names are correctly spelled when inviting someone to Gain is crucial. With busy schedules, it's possible to make mistakes. Remember that your client will only receive content sent to the correct address for approval.

Check the Spam Folder

Verify that emails from are not being mistakenly marked as spam and end up in your client's spam folder.

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