What content can I publish automatically to Instagram from Gain?

Gain supports direct publishing for both business and creator accounts. Instagram's API allows direct publishing for the following post types: 

  • Images including album or carrousel posts
  • Videos (3-60 seconds, 4:5 to 16:9 aspect ratio)
  • Stories
  • Reels

You can use the Gain Notify mobile app to get reminders when it's time to post animated GIFs or videos longer than 60 seconds. The Gain Notify app makes manual publishing easier by alerting you when it’s time to publish and copying the content to your phone. 

Why is Gain not auto-publishing my posts? 

When you connect a new Instagram Business account to Gain, you have to select the option "Business Account."   If you selected the option "Personal Account, " even if your Instagram profile is a Business account, Gain will recognize it as a personal profile and won't auto-publish any posts.

To fix this, go to Workspace Settings > Social Channels and click Manage next to your Instagram channel. Next, find the blue prompt to Reconnect as Business Account: 

Important: As long as you have admin access to the Facebook Page and that page is correctly associated with the Instagram Business account, you won't need an Instagram account's password to connect an Instagram Business to Gain. When you connect an Instagram Business account to Gain, Facebook gives us access to publish content on your behalf. To connect Instagram Personal profiles to Gain, you do need to be logged in on the Instagram Personal profile on a separate tab in your browser.

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