Why do I have to reconnect my social channels?

Occasionally, you’ll need to reconnect your social channels to Gain, and this is a standard procedure social networks require of all third-party apps to keep your accounts safe. 

Connections between Gain and your social channels require access tokens, which can expire for multiple reasons depending on each social networks’ policies. When an access token expires, you will be required to reconnect that social account. For the most part, social accounts only require a simple reconnection. 

This article will go over each social networks’ specific policies on access tokens and best practices for keeping your channels connected for as long as possible. 

When do access tokens expire, disconnecting your account from Gain? 

Each social network has different policies on when and why access tokens can expire. Take a look at each one below:

Facebook and Instagram 

Facebook and Instagram accounts require reconnecting more often than LinkedIn and Twitter. According to Facebook, access tokens last around 60 days, but there are several reasons why they might expire earlier: 

  • Changes in Admin access for Facebook Pages
  • Publishing identical posts to several accounts at the same time
  • Logging into your account from many different IP addresses (for example, if several people have the email and password login information for an account)
  • Logging in and out of several different accounts
  • Any activity considered “not secure” by Facebook’s AI-based algorithm. 

In some instances, your social accounts will need to be fully reconnected. You’ll need to check Gain’s permissions in Facebook’s Business Integrations, see more details here


LinkedIn access tokens expire every 60 days, and we’ve seen this is mostly the case; however, other instances where tokens might expire are: 

  • Changes in Admin access for Company Pages 
  • Publishing identical posts to several accounts at the same time


Twitter will suspend your accounts if their AI-based algorithm detects spam or any other malicious behavior. If Twitter suspends your account, the connection to Gain will be temporarily disabled as well. Other than that, we haven’t seen any other instances where users need to reconnect Twitter accounts.

Best practices to keep your access token from expiring early 

  • Have only one person assigned to reconnect channels in Gain 
  • Do not log in to Facebook as another person to reconnect channels.
  • Always reconnect channels with your personal login
  • Turn on two-factor authentication in your Facebook accounts. 
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