Why can't I connect a new Facebook page to Gain?

If Gain doesn't have the necessary permissions to publish content on a page or if your Facebook or Meta Business Suite permissions are not set up correctly, it's possible that the Facebook page(s) won't show up as an option to connect in Gain. In this article, we'll show you where to look and confirm you have the necessary permissions to connect your Facebook pages to Gain.

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To connect a Facebook Page to Gain, your Facebook profile needs the "Page Admin" role for that page.

  • If you've transitioned to the new Pages experience, ensure you have Facebook access with full control over the new Page. People with access can manage the Page from various platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Meta Business Suite, Ads Manager, and Business Manager.
  • For pages in the Classic experience, you can check the pages you manage in this section. Here's an example of what a typical Page Roles section looks like: 
Screenshot displaying the 'Page Settings > Page Roles' section of a Facebook Page in the Classic experience.
Page Settings for pages in the Classic experience

Note: Other roles like Editor or Moderator of a Facebook page cannot connect a page to Gain. For more information on all Page roles and capabilities, see Facebook Help Center - Page Roles.

Business Manager Settings

  • If you've been granted access to a page through Business Manager, you require Full Control permissions to manage the page.
Screenshot illustrating Meta Business Settings with the 'Pages' section displaying an individual's permissions to manage a page
Meta Business Settings with the "Pages" section showing an individual's permissions to manage a Facebook page
  • If your Business has been granted access as a Partner to oversee a page or assets for another business through Business Manager, confirm that your Facebook profile is listed in the People section for the Facebook page. Your profile needs Full Control permissions to manage the page.

Screenshot illustrating Meta Business Settings with the 'Pages' section displaying an individual's permissions to manage a page

To learn more about Business Manager permissions and roles, click here.

Business Integrations

When you're new to Gain or connecting new Facebook Pages, you need to grant Gain permission to post on your pages. You can manage these permissions via Business Integrations. Business Integrations shows all the apps and services linked or authorized by your Facebook profile.

Here's what Gain requires to publish to your page(s):

Screenshot showcasing the 'Business Integrations' section within Facebook interface

If all the options are checked in blue, and you're sure that your profile has admin access, you can remove Gain from your Business Integrations to refresh the connection. Click here to go to your Business Integrations, then follow the steps below:

  1. Find Gain on the list and click on View and edit.
  2. Click Remove. Don't worry; this action won't delete any content from either Gain or Facebook.
  3. Return to Gain, go to Workspace Settings > Social channels and try to connect the page again.

If you're still unable to connect a page after removing Gain from your Business Integrations, please contact Support via our in-app widget or email at support@gainapp.com for further assistance.

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