How to connect your social profiles to Gain

Before you get started 

Before you can post to your social medial profiles, you have to connect your social profiles to Gain. The account owner and anyone you give permission to can connect social profiles to Gain. 

Keep in mind that to connect a Facebook Page or Instagram Business, you must be an admin. Click here to learn how to set up your Facebook and Instagram permissions via Meta Business Suite. 

To connect a LinkedIn Company Page, you must be a Super admin. For Twitter, and Instagram Personal profiles, and TikTok accounts, be sure to have the login details. Be sure to log out of your personal Twitter or Instagram profiles (Instagram Business accounts are authenticated via Facebook or Meta Business Suite) before attempting to add your company's profiles for these two networks. 

Connecting a profile

In your workspace, head to Workspace Settings > Social channels. 

1. Next, click the +New Social Channel button on the top right. 
2. Select a social network you want to connect to this workspace. You can select one at a time. 
Note: You will be redirected to the social network to grant Gain permission to post. Follow the onscreen instructions to connect the social profile to Gain. 
3. Choose a page or profile from the list. 

Important: If you don't see the Facebook Page or Instagram Business account on this list, double check you have the admin role or access to these assets in Business Suite or Page Settings. For more troubleshooting details for Facebook Pages, click here. For troubleshooting help for your Instagram Business account, click here

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