Boost a Scheduled Facebook Post

To create an ad using a post created and scheduled on Gain or to find the post ID of a Facebook post scheduled in Gain, you'll need to switch to Facebook's native scheduler. In this article, we'll walk you through the steps to switch to Facebook's Scheduler in Gain and show you where to find your scheduled posts in Meta.

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Switching to Facebook's Scheduler

Facebook's scheduler is excellent when you need to run ads with scheduled posts, but it might be less reliable for regular scheduling when compared to Gain's scheduler. Also, with Facebook's scheduler, you can schedule content up to 24 days ahead, whereas Gain's scheduler allows you to schedule content up to 75 days in advance.

Tip: We suggest using the Facebook scheduler for individual posts instead of making it the default in your channel's settings.

Here's how to switch schedulers for individual posts:

  1. Hover over a post in the calendar and click the "✏️" to edit.
  2. Next to Publishing mode, select "Gain Scheduler."

  3. Toggle to "Facebook Scheduler" and click Save.

Make Facebook's native scheduler the default

To make the Facebook native scheduler the default for every post:

  1. Go to Workspace Settings > Social channels.
  2. Click Manage next to the Facebook channel.
  3. Under Scheduling, click Switch to Facebook's Native Scheduler.

Important: Only posts you've created after switching to Facebook's scheduler in the Social Channel settings will appear on the Scheduled posts list on Ads Manager.

Find Scheduled posts on Meta

Your scheduled posts should show under Content in Meta Business Suite. However, you can still find them under Page Posts in your Business settings or Ads Manager if they're not.

See Page Posts in Business Settings

  1. Switch into your Business account

  1. Click Scheduled posts. You'll find a list of all Facebook posts scheduled in Gain.

See Scheduled posts in Ads Manager

  1. Switch to your Ads Manager account
  2. Find your campaign and create a new ad
  3. Under Ad setup, select "Use existing post."

  1. Under Ad creative, click on "Select post."
  2. Filter by Scheduled posts. You'll find a list of all Facebook posts scheduled in Gain.

Note: The Date created column for these posts will be the date you created them on Gain, not their publish date.

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