Facebook Scheduling Options

Unlike all other social networks that you can manage on Gain, we provide you an additional option on how you can schedule and automatically publish content for Facebook that gives you more control depending on your team works. 

You can choose to schedule and publish your content in two ways; directly on Facebook's scheduler or using Gain's own. Here are the differences between the two and why you'd want to choose one or the other:

Why use Gain's scheduler (default):

  • Minimize posting errors - Gain's scheduler is more reliable than Facebook's.
  • Improve error notifications - If anything goes wrong, we'll give you better details about what happened and how you can fix it.
  • Easily edit scheduled content  - no need to send content back to draft to revise it. 

Why use Facebook's scheduler:

  • It simplifies the scheduling of post boosting and ads. You can use the content scheduled using Facebook's scheduler to plan boosting and ad campaigns using the Facebook Ad Manager before the content is ever published. The content will already be on Facebook when it’s auto-scheduled in Gain using this option.
  • Although using Facebook's scheduler is more convenient for those scheduling advertising and boosting, this method seems is less reliable when posting content than Gain's scheduler.

Note: Due to the limitation on Facebook's API, when using Facebook's scheduler, you must revert any scheduled content to draft status before making any edits. 

Switch individual posts to Facebook scheduling

  1. To switch to Facebook native scheduling, click Gain Scheduler under Publish date:

2. Then, select Facebook scheduler and Save

Apply scheduling preferences to a channel

Additionally, you can change your scheduling options from the Social Channels settings. When you change your scheduler in your channel’s settings, Gain will make Facebook’s native scheduler the default for every post scheduled to Facebook in that workspace. 

  1. Go to Workspace Settings > Social Channels > Select the Facebook channel
  1. Then, click Switch to Facebook’s Native Scheduler

Important: Only posts you’ve created after the switch to Facebook’s scheduler in the Social Channels settings will show up on the Scheduled Posts list on Facebook.

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