Set up Approval Workflows

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You can manually set up the approval process for each piece of content, but that would be a cumbersome task. To help with this, Gain lets you define approval workflows.

An approval workflow allows you to add people into one or more rounds of approval and automate your approval process. All approval workflows are like templates with special rules that you can save and reuse each time you need to send content for approval.

With approval workflows, you can: 

  • Add as many people and rounds as you need 
  • Decide who approves what and in what order
  • Content moves automatically to the next person for review

In the Approval Workflows section under Workspace Settings, you can set up workflows for your workspace. 

Create & edit an approval workflow

Before you get started, be sure to invite anyone who will be approving content to your account. Here are the steps to create a new workflow: 

  1. Click on the +New Approval Workflow button. A blank approval workflow will appear, prompting you to add people to the first round. 

2. After adding people to the round, you can create more rounds or save your workflow.

Each stage of the approval workflow is called a Round. Here are the ways you can customize each round:

  • Everyone must approve / Any single person can approve this round - When the option is everyone must approve, every person in that round must approve. When the setting anyone can approve is on, as soon as one approver gives the okay, the round is marked approved.
  • Auto-advances to next round after approved / Must manually advance to next round after approved - When auto-advance is on, Gain will automatically notify the next set of approvers as soon as a round is approved. When this option is off, the content goes into ready for next round status, and it’s up to your team to continue the approval process by sending it to the next round manually.
  • Auto-schedules after approved / Must manually schedule after approved - When auto-schedule is on, Gain automatically schedules content (assuming you've set a future publishing date for it) once everyone in a round or approval workflow approves. When the auto-schedule option is off, it is up to you to schedule the content manually.

Important: Only people that have access to this workspace will appear in the dropdown list. Ensure the people who will approve content for this workspace have access to your Gain account first

3. Once you’re done setting up your workflow, give it a meaningful name under the Workflow Name field. The workflow name is only visible to your internal team. Last, click Create to save your workflow.

Now that you’ve set up your workflow, you’re ready to use it and send content for approval. Next time you send content for approval, you can select it from the Workflow tab. 

Tip: Check out these agencies’ internal approval process

Edit your approval workflows

If you need to modify a workflow, click the three dots. You can duplicate your workflow now or click Edit.

You can drag and drop people from one round to another or remove them by clicking on the “X.” 

After you save the changes, make sure to update any content already going through this workflow. You will need to send content for approval again using the new workflow if you’ve added new people or removed someone.

What’s next?

Now that you’ve set up an approval process, you’re going to want to start sending content for approval. Learn everything you need to know about sending content for approval

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