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Before you get started

To connect Facebook Pages to Gain, you must be an admin of the Facebook Page. Roles may differ if you manage a Classic Page or a page in the new Pages experience. Here's how roles compare: 

  • When you connect a Facebook Page to Gain, Facebook allows us to publish content on your behalf. Once you grant Gain access to publish on your behalf, Facebook generates a temporary access token that expires every 60 days
  • Any time the access token expires, a user with Full control to manage a Facebook Page is the only one who can reconnect Gain to renew the access token. Click here to learn more about Facebook permissions.

Supported Formats 

  • MP4, MOV, JPG, PNG, GIF.
  • Max image size: 5MB.
  • Video posts: Up to 1GB (20 minutes long. The video duration has a hard limit; you can't upload videos with a fraction of a second over the time limit).
  • Video Stories: Up to 600MB (120 seconds). See this section for more details.
  • Photo Stories: Up to 5MB each (Up to 10 images). See this section for more details.
  • No character limit for post copy.

Post Types

You can create and schedule link posts, multi-photo (up to 10 images), videos, stories, GIFs, and carousel posts (up to 5 cards) for your Facebook Pages.

Mentioning other pages

To mention a Facebook page, type the full @name exactly as it appears in the Facebook's page URL, and select it from the dropdown list.

Editing photos

You'll see all the photos or creative assets you upload for your post in the Images Tray, but only images you intend to publish will be prominently displayed at the top section and in your post preview to the left. 

  • If you want to remove a photo, just click the [X] in the top-right corner. This action will remove the image from the preview. To add another photo, select one from the Image Tray. 
  • With Gain's photo editor, you can crop, resize, add text, and apply effects to your images. To edit your photo, hover over the image and click on the three dots in the left corner. 

Link posts

Facebook introduced a change that prevents users from modifying the preview of any link shared on the network. This includes the headline (title), description, and image accompanying a link. This move is an effort from Facebook to cut down on misinformation and applies to third-party tools like Gain and links shared directly on the site.
Facebook has promised to provide an alternate solution for publishers in the future, and you can be sure Gain will implement such a solution when Facebook provides it.

Gain generates link previews with Facebook’s scraper, which inspects the linked site and brings back a headline, description, and image preview.

  • To ensure accurate previews:
  • Scheduling posts with URLs linking to Facebook videos or events on Gain isn't possible. Sharing an event link results in a "permission error" from Facebook's API.


  1. Select the "Carousel" post type.
  2. Click the + icon to add more cards (max. 5).

  1. Enter the URL you want to promote in the field labeled Link.
  2. Add a Link Name and Link Description

You can duplicate other cards' photos and descriptions by clicking the Duplicate Card option.

  1. Check the box "Include Automatic Carousel End Card" to select the end card. Gain will show your channel's logo when you add a link to this card.

Check out the Facebook Help Center for information about the carousel format specs. 


You can drag and drop up to 10 slides. However, elements like polls, tags, stickers, or music are only available on the Facebook app and can't be added to your stories from the Gain post composer. 

The Facebook API allows direct posting of stories ranging from 3 and 60 seconds in duration, with a maximum file size of 4MB. Additional specifications for stories:

  • 9:16 aspect ratio
  • Min. 540 px width
  • Min. 960 px height

Videos falling outside these specified parameters require manual publishing. For instructions on manual publishing, refer to this step-by-step guide.

Important: Instagram allows users to share stories on Instagram to Facebook, so remember to turn off Facebook Story Sharing in Instagram if you're publishing them to Facebook via Gain. 

Ad Mockups 

You can turn your link, photo, video, and carousel posts into an ad mockup. Gain will add all the elements of a Facebook ad preview so you can send it for approval and see it on the calendar.

  1. Check the "Convert Post to Ad Mockup" box to create an ad mockup.
  2. Choose the ad format: Clicks, Page Likes, Messages, Post Views.
  3. Add a URL, Headline, and Description.
  4. Select a Call to Action from the list of options.

Some objectives and calls to action may not be available in the Facebook ad creator depending on the Page, post format, industry, and other factors.

Audience Targeting 

  1. In the post editor, head to the Audience section and click "Shown to everyone."
  2. Choose your targeting criteria and click Save.

All your chosen targeting options will appear under Targeted Audience. Your post will only be visible to followers who meet your criteria when it goes live.

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