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In Gain, you can create and schedule posts for Facebook Pages, including link posts, one or multiple photos, videos, Stories, animated GIFs, and carousel posts. This article will go over everything you need to know about posting on your Facebook pages. 

First, to create new content, make sure your Facebook pages are connected successfully. You will know they’re connected because they’ll show up under Social Channels in the Filters panel. Then, click on the +New Content button or hover over the calendar’s date and click on the New Content icon. 

Permissions to post to Business Pages

We will authorize your Facebook pages through your profile, but Gain will not access your personal information or post to your profile. 

Facebook Pages has six different roles to access settings and publish content as a page with the Pages API. Depending on your Page role, you can execute other actions like posting or getting insights data. 

However, Gain only requires three permissions: CREATE_ADS, BASIC_ADMIN, and CREATE_CONTENT. 

If you’re unable to see any of the pages that you manage on Gain, check with a user who is a full admin for those pages on Facebook so that they can reset your permission to a Content Creator or Full Admin permission. 

Specifications for Facebook 

Gain allows you to upload MP4 or MOV files, JPG, PNG, and GIF images to Facebook. 

  • Image files can be up to 5MB. 
  • Video files can be up to 1GB in size and 20 minutes in duration. The video duration has a hard limit, so you can’t upload videos with a fraction of a second over the time limit.
  • Facebook Video Stories can be up to 600MB in size and up to 120 seconds in duration. 
  • There are no character limitations for Facebook posts. 

Content Types

In Gain’s post editor, you can choose from several different post types: link, photo, video, animated GIF, carousel, Video, and Photo Stories. We will go over each one below. 

Link posts

Facebook made some changes to its API that prevents all users from modifying the preview of any link shared on personal timelines and business pages, including the headline (or title), description, and the image that accompanies a link.

To build link previews, we use Facebook’s scraper, then go behind the scenes to inspect the linked website and bring back the relevant title and excerpt to use for the post. For this process to be successful and display the right preview, ensure that the website you are using has explicit OG tags in place. You can also enter the URL in the Facebook debugger to see the information used when the website content is public on Facebook. 

Facebook videos and events

On Gain, you can create link previews for any website except URLs that share videos that are already on Facebook or Facebook events. Facebook does not provide us with a way to crawl videos or events. Thus we can’t build a proper preview. However, even though Gain will not show a preview, the video preview will appear on the post once published. This changes for event type posts. When you share a link of an event via a link post through their API, they respond with “permission error.” So, you can’t schedule posts with a link to a Facebook event via Gain.

Photo posts

You can build multiple image posts of up to six images. Add an album name to save your photos on Facebook, but Gain sends multi-images to Facebook’s native scheduler allowing you to boost the posts before they’re published. 

In the Photo tab, after you upload photos, they will appear in the All Images tab. All Images works much like a queue where you can save multiple photos even if you don’t plan to publish all of them. Images that will be published will be at the top and in the preview. 

You can delete the photos by clicking on the [ X] on the top right. The image will disappear from the preview. To add another image or the same one again, click on the image in the All Images queue. 

Gain also includes a full-featured image editor where you can crop, resize, add text, enhance and add effects to your images. To edit your photo, hover over your final image and click the Brush icon. 

Animated GIFs

Gain can convert and publish your animated GIFs as videos. The option to publish your GIF as a video will already be selected when you create a Facebook GIF post. You can turn this option off and publish it as a regular GIF. Here is why we suggest publishing a GIF as a video:

  • Publishing your GIF as a native Facebook video provides a faster, more consistent experience across all Facebook platforms, including desktop, mobile app, and mobile browsers. 
  • Facebook auto-plays and loops videos.
  • Unlike traditional GIF posts, users aren’t taken out of Facebook when they click on the GIF.
  • No Gain URL is visible in the post, which keeps your branding intact, and Facebook usually gives more prominence to video posts in the newsfeed, which boosts engagement.

The maximum file size for GIFs as videos is 5MB. 

Carousel posts

The carousel format lets you show multiple images, headlines, links, or calls to action in a single ad. Anyone who sees your ad can then scroll through the carousel cards by swiping on mobile phones or tablets or clicking the arrows on desktops. 

Use carousels to showcase and sell products or services. Learn how to create ads in the carousel format in Gain. 

  1. Choose the number of cards (max. 5) to use for your carousel. 
  2. Drag and drop new images from your computer or choose from the library of photos you've previously uploaded while creating the post.

Tip: If you need to crop or edit an image, click the “🖌️” icon on the image to access our photo editor. 

3. For each card, enter the URL you want to promote in the field labeled Link, enter your ad’s text in Link Name and Link Description

Important: By clicking on Duplicate Card at the bottom of the Link Description field, you can duplicate the other cards’ photos and descriptions. 

4. Choose an automatic carousel end card

To select an end card, click on Include Automatic Carousel End Card, add a link you want people to see, and Gain will choose your channel's logo image to show at the end of your carousel post. 

For information about the carousel format specs, check out the Facebook Ads Guide and Help Center

Facebook Stories

Photo Stories
Gain allows you to upload photo Stories created on Facebook or using your favorite tools (such as Canva, Adobe, etc.) to send for approval. You can upload up to 10 slides. Drag and drop or upload your ready-made Stories and click Save.
Video Stories

To create video Stories, drag and drop or upload your ready-made video. You can upload MP4 or MOV videos up to 120 seconds long. 

Important: Instagram allows users to share stories created or uploaded on Instagram to Facebook, so remember to turn off Facebook Story Sharing in Instagram if you're publishing them to Facebook manually via Gain. 

Publishing Facebook Stories via Gain Notify

Due to limitations on the Facebook API, Facebook Stories have to be published manually. To make it easier, designate a person in your Gain workspace to be the manual publisher, and have them install the Gain Notify Mobile App. It’s available to download on both Android and iOS

To designate a manual publisher, go to your Workspace Settings menu and choose Social Channels. Choose a Facebook channel and then select a user from the dropdown list. 

When it’s time to publish your Facebook Story, the manual publisher will receive an email notification and a push notification on their phone. When the manual publisher opens Gain Notify, the app will copy the story content to their phone so they can quickly paste and publish.

Click to download Gain Notify for iOS or download Gain Notify for Android. After you're signed in, allow Gain Notify push notifications; otherwise, you won’t be notified when new content is ready to be published. 

Ad Mockups 

You can send previews of Facebook ads to approval, simply choose a format and click on Convert Post to Ad Mockup

You can pick your ad objective by selecting it under Ad Mockup Format , add a URL, headline, description, and Call to Action. 

Important: Keep in mind these mockups cannot be published via Gain. 

Mentioning other pages

Make sure to type the full @name of the Facebook page you want to mention. To find the @name, visit the page on Facebook.

Post targeting 

Gain allows you to target your Facebook posts to specific people within your fan-base. Only the targeted fans will see the post you publish. 

Open the post you want to modify and click on Shown to specific users. You can filter by location, age, gender, gender interests, relationship status, language, education, and workplaces.

Promote posts 

Gain gives you an additional option to schedule and automatically publish content for Facebook that gives you more control.

Important:  If you're using Facebook's new Business Suite, you won't see scheduled posts there. Facebook has removed this option for third-party apps, so we can no longer show scheduled posts in Business Suite

You can choose to schedule and publish your content in two ways; directly on Facebook's scheduler or using Gain's own. For more details on how to change your scheduling options, click here. When you turn on Facebook's scheduler, you can boost scheduled posts before they're published, create ads with scheduled posts, and schedule dark posts. 

Boosting scheduled posts 

When you're using Facebook's Native scheduler, you can boost your posts from Facebook directly after you've scheduled them in Gain. Here's how: 

1. Be sure your channel has the Facebook Native Scheduler option turned on. For more details on how to change your scheduling options, click here

2. Once your post is scheduled in Gain, you can see your posts in two places: 

  • Publishing Tools > Scheduled Posts: 

  • Creative Studio > Content Library > Posts > Scheduled. 

Create Ads

In addition to boosting posts, when you're using Facebook's Native scheduler, you can also use scheduled posts to create ads in Ads Manager. Here's a step-by-step: 

1. Be sure your channel has the Facebook Native Scheduler option turned on. For more details on how to change your scheduling options, click here

2. Go to Ads Manager, and create your ad. Under the section labeled  Ad Setup select "Use Existing Post": 

3. Next, under Ad Creative click "Select Post":  

4. Finally, filter by Scheduled posts. You'll see a list of all posts scheduled in Gain here to create your ad creative. 

Create dark posts

If you have a Facebook page and want to promote posts using Facebook ads, you may wish to have your posts show up only as sponsored ads. Sponsored ads do not appear on your page’s wall.

To create this content type in Gain, you have to mark them as “dark posts.” You can send them for approval and, once approved, manually publish them on Facebook

To create an unpublished post in Gain: 

  1. Go to the post editor.
  2. Choose the following option in the dialog:

Finally, the post will go from Gain to the Page Posts section of your Facebook Ads Manager, where you can create ads/campaigns for that post. 

Publish a dark post to your page 

Here’s how you can publish your dark post on your page. Keep in mind that the dark post will keep the paid reach it earned and, once published on your page, will gather organic reach. 

We recommend this workflow for exceptional circumstances since it requires you to go to the Business Manager after Gain has published your dark post: 

  1. Select Page Posts under Engage Customers  

2. Select Ads

3. Under Actions, select Publish. Now, your dark posts will be public on your page. 

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