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With Gain, you will be notified when your feedback is needed. Gain makes it easy to sign in from any device with no formal login process and no passwords to remember. Email notifications remind you when it’s time to review content with a direct link to that content. View content on one or more channels and provide feedback with just one click. Think of Gain as your automated assistant, collecting your feedback and notifying the right people on your team to revise and publish the content you are reviewing.

Logging into Gain

When content is ready for you to review, you will receive a special link in an email notification taking you to Gain to approve or request revisions on the pending content. There is no login process or passwords to remember when you need to access the content. 

You can also request a magic login if you need to review content on Gain without receiving email notifications.

Reviewing & approving content on Gain 

After clicking the Review Content button in the notification received via email, you can either approve or request revisions on content. You will be able to see a preview of any attached media, and if you click on the information (“I”) button at the top right corner, you will see any content details such as the publishing date, post tags, and audience targeting preferences before you approve or request a revision. 

Clicking the down arrow icon on the Approve button will allow you to approve the post with a comment visible to the agency or content creator. 

When you send revision requests, the internal team that works on your content will receive a notification. This means that everyone on the team will be aware that a revision was requested so they can make the appropriate changes and send the content back for your approval. 

Content creators can also ask questions whenever a revision is requested. 

All questions and follow-up comments made during the revision process place the content back on your approval queue. So that you can reply and clear any doubts around your revisions. 

This process is the same for any revision request, no matter how many revisions you need to make.

Important: If you aren’t able to review content the moment it is sent, Gain will continue to send reminders, making it easy for you to remember there is content pending your approval. Reminders are sent 24, 48, 72 hours after the first one is sent. 

Email notifications & pending content reminders

When content is sent for approval for the first time, you will receive a notification via email. If someone sends 6 posts for approval together, you will only receive one notification with the number of posts pending. 

If you do not approve the content right away, then Gain will activate the automatic pending content reminders. These reminders will be sent at 24, 48, and 72 hours after you receive the first notification that there is content pending your approval. 

Other ways you can be notified

You can turn on browser notifications from your Notification Preferences. With these on, a banner shows up on the corner of your screen while your browser is open. These will show even if you don’t have a Gain tab open in your browser.

As an approver, Gain allows you to turn on/off email reminders and browser notifications from your Notification Preferences. 

Also, under My Profile, you can set up a password to access the calendar if don’t want to wait for notifications to log in. 

Along with email and browser notification, if you are already approving content on the Gain platform, you will be alerted to more pending content or follow-up questions through the bell icon or by selecting Pending Approvals

Editorial Content Calendar

In Gain, you’ll find an editorial content calendar that displays all content that is live or scheduled to go live over the course of a month.

You will be able to access the calendar and see the following content:

  • All live content 
  • All scheduled content 
  • All approved content 
  • Posts that are pending your approval 
  • Posts requiring revisions

You won't be able to see drafts or posts that are pending approval from other approvers. You will be able to see the content once it has been published or scheduled.

View the calendar 

To view the calendar, click the dropdown menu to select your brand. 

To view the content for one channel (such as Facebook or Twitter only), check or uncheck the channels listed to the left of the calendar and click Apply to modify which channels or content type you’d like to view. 

Calendar labels

Calendar labels make it easier to review content related to a particular event or campaign. These labels can cover days, weeks, or months in the calendar. If your agency is using them, you will be able to see them in the calendar. To read about the campaign details, you can click a label, and the full details will pop up.  

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