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With Gain, you can create and schedule TikTok videos. This article will cover everything you need to know to post to your TikTok accounts. 

First, to create new content, ensure your TikTok accounts are connected successfully. Channels connected to Gain show up under Social Channels in the Filters panel. To create content, click on the +New Content button or hover over the calendar’s date and click on the +New Content icon. 

Before you get started 

TikTok does not allow direct publishing yet. The user you selected as the manual publisher for this channel (usually the person who connected the channel) will receive a notification on the publish date. They can use the Gain Notify app to post manually. Click here for more details

Specifications for TikTok

You can upload a variety of video formats to TikTok. Video files can be up to 512MB in size and 60 seconds in duration. The video duration has a hard limit, so you can’t upload videos with a fraction of a second over the time limit. You can upload the following formats: 
  • MPEG-4 (MP4, M4V)
  • MPEG-2 (M2TS, TOD, MTS)
  • Quicktime (MOV, QT)
  • AVI Video (AVI)
  • Windows Media (WMV, ASF)
  • Flash Video (FLV)
  • 3G Mobile Video (3GP, 3G2, 3GPP)
  • Digital Video (DV)
  • DVD File (VOB)
  • DivX, Xvid (DIVX)  

TikTok's character limit is 500 characters. 

Create a TikTok post

To create a TikTok post, drag and drop or upload your video, then write a caption. 

You can choose a thumbnail after you've uploaded a video to Gain. See below: 

1. Under the section Cover, click on the pencil icon. 

2. Next, drag the slider to the position in the video that you want to select as your cover. Click Save. 
Now your cover shows up in the preview! 
Important: Video files can be up to 512MB and 1 to 60 seconds long. Tiktok optimizes the aspect ratio of your videos to 9:16, 1:1, or 16:9. 

Set up Push Notifications via Gain Notify

TikTok does not yet allow direct publishing, so you'll have to publish all your TikTok videos manually. 

You can designate a team member to be the manual publisher. Gain will notify this person via email when it's time to publish. They can also download the Gain Notify mobile app, which copies the content to their phone to make publishing easy. You can designate a manual publisher in the Workspace Settings menu under Social Channels. Choose the TikTok channel and then select a user from the dropdown list. 

The manual publisher will need to download the Gain Notify app to receive the reminders and publish content from their mobile device(s). The Gain Notify app is available to download on Android and iOS

Gain Notify for iOS

Go to the App Store and type Gain Notify to download the app. If you download Gain Notify on your iPad, search for apps that are "only for iPhones" to find it. Log in using your Gain credentials.  After signing in, allow Gain Notify push notifications; otherwise, you won’t receive notifications when new content is ready to be published. Click the icon below to download: 

Gain Notify for Android

Download the Gain Notify app from the Google Play Store. Log in using your Gain credentials.  After you're signed in, allow Gain Notify push notifications; otherwise, you won’t receive when new content is ready to be published. Then, Gain will want to confirm again, so select  Allow. Click the icon below:


Note: Gain Notify supports 1Password manager to log in to the app. 

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