Creating Content for X (Formerly Twitter)

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Supported Formats

  • Max image size: Between 3MB and 5MB.
  • Video posts: Up to 512MB and 140 seconds long. The video duration has a hard limit, so you can’t upload videos with a fraction of a second over the time limit.
  • The character limit is 280 for English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Post Types

You can create and schedule photo posts (up to 4 images per post), videos, status, and animated gifs.

Editing photos

You'll see all the photos or creative assets you upload for your post in the Images Tray, but only images you intend to publish will be prominently displayed at the top section and in your post preview to the left.

  • If you want to remove a photo, click the [X] in the top-right corner. This action will remove the image from the preview. To add another picture, select one from the Image Tray.
  • With Gain's photo editor, you can crop, resize, add text, and apply effects to your images. To edit your photo, hover over the image and click on the three dots in the left corner.

Important: Our upload limit is set at 5MB. However, occasionally, X may not accept images larger than 3MB. Should this happen, you'll get an alert. Please reduce the image size to under 3MB before you try to schedule or publish again.

Link Posts

X cards are special tweets that contain a title, description, and preview image from linked websites. X fetches these details, and they are not considered a post type.

To create an X Card, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the Status post format.
  2. Write a caption.
  3. Insert the link.

After posting your tweet, the X card should be visible. If it is missing, the linked website likely needs to enable X cards.

  • Opt for the Photo format for more control over the displayed image. Use Twitter's URL validator to preview how your tweet will appear before posting.

Important: X will only show details from a linked website if your website supports X Cards. For more information, check out X's official guide.

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