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Before you get started

Gain supports publishing for LinkedIn Company pages and Personal profiles. Here's what you'll need to keep in mind depending on the LinkedIn channel you'd like to connect:

  • Company Pages: Gain will authorize access to a company page via a LinkedIn profile with Super Admin rights. This permission is automatically granted to the creator of a company page, but they can assign other admins. For more information on admin roles, visit LinkedIn's help center.
  • Personal Profiles: You'll need login details to connect your personal LinkedIn profile to Gain.

To add new LinkedIn channels to your workspace, follow the steps outlined here.

Supported Formats

  • Max image size: 5MB (Optimal resolution: 80 x 150px, to prevent it from being artificially stretched to fit the layout)
  • Video posts: Up to 200MB (20 minutes long)
  • The character limit is 700.

Post Types

You can create and schedule photo posts (up to 20 images per post), animated GIFs, videos, status posts (text only), and link posts.

Editing photos

You'll see all the photos or creative assets you upload for your post in the Images Tray, but only images you intend to publish will be prominently displayed at the top section and in your post preview to the left.

  • If you want to remove a photo, click the [X] in the top-right corner. This action will remove the image from the preview. To add another picture, select one from the Image Tray.
  • With Gain's photo editor, you can crop, resize, add text, and apply effects to your images. To edit your photo, hover over the image and click on the three dots in the left corner.

Customize link posts

Add a URL in the Link field if you need to share a link. Gain will populate the title, description, and preview image. You can modify the Link Title and upload a new image preview.

LinkedIn automatically shortens links that are over 26 characters. In the Gain preview, a similar link is displayed as a temporary placeholder. However, once your post is published, LinkedIn will substitute the short URL with a new one. Your link will work perfectly after your post goes live!

Mentioning other pages

To mention a LinkedIn page, type the full @name and select it from the dropdown list.

Audience Targeting

  1. In the post editor, head to the Audience section and click "Shown to everyone."
  2. Choose your targeting criteria and click Save.

All your chosen targeting options will appear under Targeted Audience. Your post will only be visible to followers who meet your criteria when it goes live.

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