Assign a Content Owner

When you create content in Gain, you're automatically assigned as the "owner." As the owner, you will receive notifications for any comments or approver feedback associated with that specific content. You and other team members can also filter content by owner in the gallery, list, and calendar views.

Reassign Ownership

You can transfer social posts or file ownership to other people within your workspace. To do this, navigate to the Info tab of your content viewer and click the "✏️" icon to reassign the content to another person.

Note: Only the account owner, administrators, and publishers can reassign content to different individuals within the workspace.

Bulk Ownership Change

  1. Select the content items you want to reassign.
  2. Click the three dots.
  3. Click on Change Content Owner.

Filter by Owner

  1. Locate the "Owned By" button at your navigation bar's top left.
  2. Choose your name from the list.
  3. To return to the default settings, select "Owned by Anyone."

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