Getting Feedback and Revising Content

When approvers request changes, your content status shifts from Pending Approval to Requires Revision. This status is a visual indicator for your team that changes are needed, making sure that changes are addressed promptly.

See this video walkthrough to learn more about managing revision requests.

Tracking Revisions

When revisions come in, Gain sends you an email and in-app notification if you're the content creator or owner. You can keep track of these notifications from your Notification Center "🔔."  Click on the Content ID to access the content editor, make any changes, respond to comments, or ask questions. 

You can follow the post or workspace if you're not the content creator or the person who sent the content for approval but still need to stay informed. Doing so will notify you whenever someone requests a change or approves content you're not directly involved in. 

Responding to Revisions or Asking Questions

You can read comments and revisions made by stakeholders in the Activity tracker. This log shows content history and is accessible to administrators, publishers, and contributors. Team members can use this space to annotate, mention colleagues, and assign tasks

If you need follow-up questions during the revision process, click on Want to ask the approver a question? Type your question or comments in the text box below their name, and click Ask Question. 

This action sends the content back for approval, changing its status to Pending Approval. Your questions or comments will be visible to your client or stakeholder the next time they log in to approve content. Your clients can respond to your questions directly within Gain, ensuring crucial feedback remains consolidated and organized instead of scattered across email threads.

What's Next?

Managing revisions and responding to changes effectively is critical to maintaining clear communication with your team and stakeholders. For more tips to help you track and manage content, learn more about categorizing or grouping content with tags, using filters to create custom views, and marking up important dates with calendar labels

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