Getting feedback and revising content

Typically, after you send content for approval, approvers may have revision requests. This article will cover where to see revisions and how to respond to a change request. 

Approvers can request changes on social posts and annotations on files. Whenever someone asks for a change, the content’s status will change from Pending Approval to Requires Revision

In the Notification Center “🔔,” you can check if an approver has requested a revision. Click on the Content ID # to access the editor to make changes and reply to the change request. 

Gain will always notify content creators when there’s a revision request on anything they sent for approval. If you’re not the content creator, you can follow the post or the workspace to get notifications when someone requests a change. For more details on notifications, see this article.

Following up on an approver’s revision

Gain tracks all revisions made by approvers in the content editor’s Activity tracker. All the activity saved here is only visible to administrators, publishers, and contributors. 

The activity tracker is where content history, like who made changes or sent content for approval, is found. It’s also where team members can leave comments or annotations, mention colleagues, reply to revisions, or assign to-dos

Another thing you can do during the revision process is to ask approvers for clarifications or follow-up questions. When you ask a question, Gain will send the content back for the person’s approval again and change the content status to Pending Approval.  

To ask a question, head to the Approval tab, and type your question in the box right below their name and then click  Ask Question

Your client or colleague can see your question next time they log in to approve content. 

What’s Next?

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