Assigning Tasks

You can assign tasks to your colleagues by mentioning them when you comment on content. They'll get notified and have their own list of pending tasks to complete. Gain will also automatically notify you when your colleague completes their assigned tasks.

To get started, select content from the view you're working on:

  1. Click the three dots in the action bar
  2. Select Add comment
  3. Mention your teammate and check "Assign to..."

Your team members receive an in-app notification, a desktop notification, and an email in real-time. The task shows up in the item's Activity tracker, ensuring the rest of your team stays in the loop when tasks are assigned.

Note: You have a 15-minute window to edit or delete your comments from the Activity tracker.

See the list of pending tasks

All your tasks, whether you assigned them or they were assigned to you, can be found in the clipboard icon located next to the "🔔" icon in the navigation bar. The older tasks will appear at the top of your list, and each task will include a hyperlink to the associated content.

Assigned to me

You'll find all your pending action items under the "Assigned to me" tab.

  • Hover over the post ID to preview the content or click it to access the creative editor.
  • To mark a task as finished, click Done next to your assignment. You can also resolve a task from the Activity tracker of a post.

Assigned by me

The "Assigned by me" tab lists action items that you've assigned to others. Here, you can resolve or delete pending items for the person you've given the task to.

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