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  • Identify collections
  • File size limits and formats
  • Open and preview files from different sources
  • Manage file collections

File collections are an easy way to catalog assets for your marketing projects, making them easy to find whenever you need them. You can name file collections according to projects, subject matter, or teams and manage everything in both Calendar or List views for each of your brands. Additionally, you can give Editor access to team members or easily share file previews with colleagues and clients.

To get started, click +New Content or hover over a date in the calendar

Next, choose one of the default collections or create your own by clicking on +New Collection.

Identify collections

Just as social media channels inside Gain can be identified by their logos, file collections have their own icons that help identify where each file belongs.

By hovering over the View button in the calendar, you’ll see a preview of the file as well as the file collection it belongs to.

File size limits and formats:

The maximum size for most files is 500MB and 5GB for videos. All files, except for videos, are converted from their original format to PDFs. For the best results, we recommend videos to be in MP4 or MOV format. Here’s a full list of all the formats we support today:

  • PDF files (PDF)
  • Powerpoint files (PPT, PPTX, PPTM)
  • Excel files (XLS, XLSX, XLSM)
  • Word files (DOC, DOCX, DOCM)
  • ODF word processing documents (ODT, ODS)
  • ODF presentation documents (ODP)
  • Image files (gif, tiff, jpg, jpeg, png, heic, webp, svg)
  • Plain text files (txt, rtf)
  • Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop files (AI, PSD)
  • Keynote (.key)
  • Pages (.pages)
  • Numbers (.numbers)
  • MPEG-4 (mp4*, m4v, m4u, m4e)
  • MPEG-2 (mpv2, m2v, m2t, mts, m2ts, tp, tod)
  • MPEG (mpg, mpeg, mpe, ts, m1v, mod)
  • Quicktime (mov*, qt, movie, moov, qtz, qtch)
  • AVI Video (avi)
  • Windows Media (wmv, wm, asf, vfw)
  • Flash Video (flv, swi)
  • 3G Mobile Video (3gp, 3g2, 3gpp, 3gp2)
  • Digital Video (dv, vid)
  • DVD File (vob)
  • DivX, Xvid (divx, dvx, xvid)
  • Google Video (gvi, vp6, vp7)
  • Motion JPEG (mjp)
  • Real Video (rv, rm, rmvb)
  • Tivo Video (tivo)

Open and preview files from different sources

Gain allows you to easily add content from services like Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, Dropbox, and more. Enabling the Google Drive integration allows you to preview Google Docs, Spreadsheets, and Slides inside file collections.

Important: Any changes made to files outside of Gain will not synchronize automatically, so be sure to reupload any modified files when changes are made.

Here’s how to connect your account(s) to upload files:

  1. Click on the file uploader.

2. Then, choose your preferred service from the list or import a file or image from a URL.

3. Click “Sign in” or “Connect” and follow the directions to verify your account.

Disconnect your service account

If you need to disconnect your account from Gain, hover over the list to the left and click “Sign Out” next to the account you’d like to remove.

Note: Disconnecting an account won’t delete any documents that you have previously uploaded from that account.

Manage file collections

You can add publish dates to your files as a reference, doing so will allow you to visualize them in the calendar, but keep in mind they can’t be scheduled. Any files without publishing dates will show up in the List view.

To rename file collections or delete them, go to Manage Collections.

Move files from one collection to another

To move a file from one collection to another, select your file(s) from the calendar or list view and click the three dots. Then, click Move to Collection.

Create social posts from files

To create social posts from a file, select your file(s) from the calendar or list view and click Duplicate. Then, select the social channel(s) and click Duplicate.

Note: Gain takes care of converting your files to formats compatible with social networks so that you can schedule them with just a click.

What’s Next?

File collections give your team endless possibilities and flexibility when creating and managing content. Learn a few ways your team can use file collections to manage marketing assets here.

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