Manage Gain Notifications

All your alerts are centralized in your Notification Center "🔔." You can manage notifications in Notification Preferences "⚙️."

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Notification Types

Here's a comprehensive breakdown of notifications:

Approval Notifications

  • Whenever there's new content for you to approve, Gain will send an email notification. We consider this a vital notification, with no option to turn it off.
  • If content is still waiting for your approval after 6 hours, Gain will send an email reminder, and you'll continue getting reminders until you log in to review. Following the initial notification, subsequent reminders will be sent at 12, 24, 48 hours, and a final email at 72 hours.
  • When a stakeholder approves content, the creator and the person who started the approval process will receive notifications. You can turn these alerts off in your Notification Preferences.
  • If you want to be notified when someone reviews content you didn't create or sent for approval, consider following the content or the workspace.

Manual Publishing Alerts

Gain only sends notifications to the person assigned as the manual publisher for Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok. Here's what to expect:

  • When it's time to publish content, if you're the manual publisher, you'll get an email.
  • You'll receive a push notification if you have the Gain Notify app on your phone.

Delivery Methods

  • In-app notifications appear in the notification center "🔔," and you can't turn them off. 
  • Browser notifications are banners displayed at the corner of your screen when using a browser. They'll pop up even if Gain isn't currently open. Learn more about web notifications here.
  • Email notifications.

Follow Content or Workspaces

Gain only alerts the content owner when someone on the team leaves a comment or feedback. Team members can stay in the loop by following specific content or the workspace.

Follow Content

  1. In the post viewer, click on Activity.
  2. Click on your initials or avatar located at the bottom left.

  1. Select the person from the list and click Save.

Follow a Workspace

  1. Go to Notification Preferences "⚙️."
  2. Click Add a Workspace.

  1. Select the workspace(s) you want to follow.
  2. Click Save.
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