Set up how would you like to get notified and when

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In Gain, you’ll always be kept up-to-date in the notification center “🔔.” All your notifications are centralized in one place so that you can take action quickly. 

In your Notification Preferences “⚙️,” you can set up custom preferences for specific notifications and delivery methods. 

Notification types

Different types of notifications are triggered depending on the activity performed. Here’s a list of notifications, a brief description of the action that triggers it, and who gets notified: 

Note: Approvers will only receive Approval Pending notifications and Approval Reminders. They can choose to turn off reminders but will not be able to turn off pending approval emails. 

Choose a delivery method

You can choose to get notified in three ways: 

  • In-app notifications show up in the notification center “🔔” and you can’t turn them off. 
  • Browser notifications are banners that appear on the corner of your screen when your browser is open. These will show up even if you don’t have Gain opened in your browser.  
  • Email notifications

You can choose between receiving email or browser notifications in your preferences by selecting or deselecting the option next to each notification. 

Important: If you’re browsing in Incognito mode, you won’t receive browser notifications.

Learn how to turn on or off web notifications for all browsers here.

Follow a workspace or content

Gain doesn’t notify everyone in the workspace or account when you leave a comment, receive a change request from an approver, or when clients or stakeholders approve content. Only content creators get notified of changes or annotations made in the posts or files they created. 

Other people in the account can follow content or follow a workspace to ensure they receive notifications when approvers or team members leave comments or feedback. 

You can add or remove followers in content from the editor: 

Anyone added as followers in the content editor will start receiving notifications for any comments or approver feedback left in the activity tracker. 

Follow a workspace 

If you want to stay on top of every activity performed on content for a workspace, you can follow the workspace from your notification preferences “⚙.”

Select the workspace(s) from the list to start receiving notifications. 

To stop receiving notifications for a workspace, click “X” and then Save.   

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