Workspace Settings

Workspaces are spaces to organize your content in Gain. You can create as many workspaces as you want to organize your work, whether by brand, client, team, country, or project. Every workspace has its own calendar, which you can easily share with your clients or stakeholders. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to set up and manage your workspace.

Important: Only account or workspace admins can access the Workspace Settings.

Add a Workspace

To create a new workspace, go to the Workspaces Dashboard:

  1. Click on +New Workspace
  2. Name your workspace and upload a logo
  3. Add team members and approvers. You can skip this step and invite people later via Workspace Settings.

Access Workspace Settings

To access your workspace settings, click on "⚙️" on the top left of your screen.

Here's what you'll find in your settings options:

  1. People: Invite new users and manage their workspace permissions.
  2. Approval Workflows: Create or configure approval processes.
  3. Folders: Organize your files by creating new folders or modifying default ones.
  4. Social Channels: Add, reconnect, or remove social profiles.
  5. Content Tags: Utilize content tags to categorize social content and file assets.

Delete a Workspace 

To remove workspaces from your account, you'll need to delete all folders and disconnect any social channels. Once you've removed all your folders and social channels:

  1. Navigate to General Settings.
  2. Type your Gain password and click Delete Workspace.
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