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When you create a new brand, you’ll have five file folders in it by default. You can edit existing file folders or connect new social channels from your brand’s settings. Additionally, you can create folders and connect new channels when adding new content from the calendar or list view. 

Note: Only brand or account administrators can create new brands, new folders, connect channels, or delete them. 

Reconnecting a social channel

Connections between Gain and your social accounts require access tokens, which can expire for multiple reasons depending on each social networks’ policies. When an access token expires, you will be required to reconnect that social account. For the most part, social accounts only require a simple reconnection. 

Only the account owner and the brand or account administrator can reconnect social channels. 

  1. To reconnect a social channel, head to Brand Settings > Social Channels
  2. Select the channel that requires your attention. 

3. Then, click on Reauthorize.

To learn more about why you have to reauthorize your social channels, click here. 

Disconnect social channels or delete file folders

Keep in mind that when you remove social channels or file folders, all data, including drafts, comments, and approvals, will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered. To get started, follow these steps: 

1. Go to Brand Settings.

2. Select Social Channels or File Folders from the list. 

3. At the bottom of the page, enter your Gain password and click Disconnect from Gain or Remove from Gain

In the Social Channels or File Folders section, you can also edit your folder’s name and reconnect your social channels.

Deleting a brand 

To remove brands from your account, you’ll need to remove all folders and disconnect any social channels in them. 

After all of the channels and folders have been removed,  follow these steps to delete the brand:

  1. Go to General Settings
  2. Click Delete Brand

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