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In Gain, you can choose which notifications to receive as well as when you and other team members should be notified of any comment or approver feedback left on content for each brand. 

You will always be kept up-to-date in the Notification Center “🔔”, however, in the Notification Preferences “⚙”, you can choose whether you’d like to receive email or browser notifications.

Before you get started 

These are the rules for who gets notified depending on the activity performed: 

Important: Approver-only users will not be able to follow posts and will not see any internal comments left by team members.

Notification Preferences

Browser notifications are banners that appear on the corner of your screen when your browser is open. These will appear even if you don’t have Gain opened in your browser. You can choose between receiving email or browser notifications in your Preferences by simply selecting or deselecting the options. 

Follow content notifications or add other people on your team as followers

Followers are notified of any scheduling or publishing errors, revision requests, and comments (mentions, assigned tasks, etc.) on content. You can choose to receive notifications for any comment or approver feedback left for a brand or single posts. You can also add other people on your team as followers so that they will receive notifications of any activity for specific content. 

Follow all content notifications for a brand

To follow all notifications for a brand, go to Notification Preferences “⚙” and select the brand(s). Click Save.

To stop receiving notifications for a brand, click “X” and then Save.  

Add or remove followers from content notifications

In the Activity panel inside the post editor, you can follow, or add others as followers, to notifications for specific content. 

  1. Click the up arrow at the bottom of the Activity panel. 

2. Select the users and click Save

Important: Users who create content are automatically set to receive notifications.

Desktop Notifications 


Make sure to allow browser notifications when you first log-in.  If you click “Not Now”, you can always go back to the Notification Preferences to turn notifications on. 

By default, your browser alerts you whenever a website or app wants to send you notifications. You can change this setting at any time. For more details on how to do this on Chrome click here. 


Important: If you’re browsing in Incognito mode, you won’t receive notifications.

Learn how to turn on or off web notifications for all browser here. 

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