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  • Assigning tasks in bulk
  • Review and resolve tasks

To assign a task, simply insert a comment, “@” mention your teammate's name, and click “Assign to”. This action can be done from the Calendar by selecting multiple posts, or the Activity panel inside the post editor. Mentioning your colleagues and assigning action items will trigger a real-time notification. 

Assigning tasks in bulk

To assign a task in several pieces of content to a team member, select the tasks from the calendar. Tasks can only be assigned to one person at a time. 

  1. Select the additional actions button (three dots) on the menu and click Add Comment.

2. “@” mention your team member by name, click “Assign to,” and click Post.

Note: Tasks and comments can be edited or removed within 15 minutes of their creation.

Review and resolve tasks 

Each time a task is assigned, team members will receive an in-app notification, a desktop notification, and an email in real-time. Desktop and email notifications can be turned off from the Notification Preferences “⚙”.

The clipboard icon, located next to the “🔔” icon in the navigation bar, is where you can review and resolve all tasks. Each task will display detailed information, such as the comment, the brand, the channel, and the post ID. 

Assigned to me

In this tab, hover over the post ID to see a short preview of the task assigned to you. To review the post, simply click the post ID. 

You will also be able to see and resolve tasks from the Activity panel inside the post editor. 

Assigned by me

In this tab, you will be able to manage all tasks assigned by you to other people. This includes resolving tasks and deleting them.  


Important: You can only delete tasks that you have assigned to others.

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