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Sometimes, you want to ideate or work on social content without having to connect a social network account to Gain. Maybe you're creating content for a channel that doesn't exist yet or for a new business pitch. In these cases, you can create your social media posts in Gain using mockup channels.

Mockup channels in Gain are social channels that are not connected to a real social network account. This allows you to create mockup social posts. You can create mockup posts for all the social networks that Gain supports, and you can do everything you can do with posts that are connected to a real social network account – see them in the calendar, use the Instagram Grid, collaborate with team members, export them as PDFs or Excel, assign content owners, share them through public links, and even send them for approval - except publishing.

If your brainstorming pays off or you land that new client, and you want to publish your mockup posts, just duplicate them and choose any social channel that you have connected to Gain. Et voilá!

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Create a Mockup Social Post

Mockup channels for each social network are automatically added when you create a new workspace. You can identify them by two key features: the black social network logo and the "Mockup Channel" label.

To get started, click the "+" icon on a selected date in the calendar and select a social profile from the list.

Important: Since mockup channels are not connected to real social network accounts, certain features such as LinkedIn and Facebook audience selection and Pinterest boards, will be inactive.

Schedule a Mockup Social Post

Since mockup channels are not connected to real social network accounts, scheduling is unavailable. If you want to schedule or publish one or more mockup posts, you can duplicate them to a real social channel. Just follow these steps:

  1. Select the post(s)
  2. Click on the three dots at the top right and choose Duplicate

  1. Choose the connected social channel to which you want to duplicate the content.

Tip: You can select multiple social channels to duplicate content to.

Your social post will appear as a draft on the calendar at the same date and time as your mockup post, where you can send it for approval, schedule, or publish it.

Mark a mockup post as live

If you don't want to publish the post from Gain but want to reflect that it's been posted in a real social network account, you can mark a mockup post as "live":

  1. Click to View and open the post)

  1. Choose Mark as Live from the action bar on the right

Note: After a post is marked as live, it can not be edited. If you want to reuse it, you can duplicate it.

Turn On/Off Mockup Channels

Mockup channels are automatically added when you create a new workspace. You can only have one mockup channel per social network, and only workspace or account admins can turn them on/off.

Go to Workspace Settings "⚙️" and click Channels.

  1. Under Mockup channels, check or uncheck the box next to the mockup channel you want to turn on/off. Click Save Changes.

  1. Enter your Gain password and confirm by selecting Yes, turn off.

Important: Turning off a mockup channel erases all associated content, including its activity and approval history. Consider exporting social mockups before turning off the channel; click here for instructions on exporting content.

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