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In Gain, you can create and schedule content for Twitter accounts, including Twitter cards, one or multiple photos, videos and animated GIFs. In this article, we will go over everything you need to know about posting on your Twitter channels. 

To create new content make sure your Twitter channel(s) has been connected successfully first. You will know the channels are correctly connected because it will show up under Channels in the Filters panel. Then, click on the +New Content button or hover over the date in the calendar and click on the New Content icon. 

Specifications for Twitter  

You can upload MP4 or MOV files, JPG, PNG, and GIF images to Twitter. 

  • Image file sizes vary but the standard is between 3MB and 5MB. 
  • Video files can be up to 512MB in size and 140 seconds in duration. The video duration has a hard limit and videos that are even a fraction of a second over the time limit cannot be uploaded to the channels.
  • Twitter's character limit is 280 for English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

On Twitter's uploading media specifications page, the upload limit is 5MB. However, when you create a tweet with an image, you must do it in two steps: 

  1. Upload an image to Twitter
  2. Once Twitter approves the image will be uploaded and attached to a tweet. 

In this first instance, where you upload an image to Twitter, the limit is 5MB. On the second step, however, Tweet creation requires the image to be less than 3MB. 

In Gain, we have set the limits to be 5MB but in the rare cases where Twitter won't accept an image over 3MB, you'll receive a notification alerting you that something went wrong. 

If you received a notification informing you that the image size is too large, you will have to lower the images size to less than 3MB to be able to upload it. 

Content Types

In Gain’s post editor, you will be able to choose from several different post types. There are a few things you should know about photo posts, posts with a link, and Twitter Cards.

Photo posts

The limit for multiple image posts for Twitter is four images.

In the Photo tab, after you upload photos, they will appear in the All Images tab. This works much like a queue where you can save multiple photos even if not all of them will be published. The final photos that will be published will be at the top and in the preview. 

You can delete the photos to be published by clicking on the [X] on the top right; the image will disappear from the preview. To add another image or the same one again, just click on the image in the All Images queue. 


Gain also includes a full-featured image editor where you can crop, resize, add text, enhance, and add effects to your images. To edit your image, hover over your image and click the “🖌️” icon. 

Twitter cards

Twitter cards are tweets with a link. Twitter fetches information such a description and photo and creates a link card from the linked website.



Important: Twitter cards will only be displayed if the website you are linking to has implemented them. For more information, click here



To create these Twitter cards, simply select the Status post format, type your message and add the link. 

The Twitter card will be generated once the tweet is published. If no preview shows up once the tweet is published, it means the website has not implemented Twitter cards. 


We recommend using photo tweets because you can control exactly which photo appears with your post. You can also use Twitter’s URL validator here to confirm exactly how your tweet will appear once live.



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