Create Text Docs

You can create and manage text documents in your workspaces. Whether you're drafting a campaign brief, planning a project, or need your brand guidelines handy, Gain provides a simple editor with various formatting options. You can store all documents in folders, send them for approval to stakeholders, or view them in your calendar.

To get started, navigate to a workspace and click +New Content.

  1. Select Create Text Document.
  2. Before you save your document, choose an existing folder or create a new one.

  1. Add a publish date if you want to see your document in the calendar. This is useful for scheduling releases or tracking deadlines.

Editor and Formatting Tools

The text editor has fields for your document's title and body. In the formatting toolbar, you can access the AI Writer and explore other options like bolding, adding bullet points, highlighting text, inserting hyperlinks, and much more. Feel free to get creative and make your document shine!

Add Descriptions and Content Tags

Under Content details, you can add a description and content tags. These tags allow you to filter, categorize, and quickly find specific documents in the gallery or calendar view. If you want to learn more about content tags, check out this article.

View Documents in the Gallery or Calendar

You can view documents without a publish date in the gallery view. To find them easily, use the filters on the left-hand side. Filtering options include file type, folder, and content tags.

Ideas for Text Documents

Here are some documents that your team can create:

  • Campaign Briefs: Use this document to obtain approval from stakeholders before launching campaigns.
  • Brand Guidelines: Keep and update brand guidelines for your clients.
  • Email Campaign Templates: Develop templates with subject lines, body copy, and links.
  • Press releases
  • Blog post outlines
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