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  • Disconnecting channels
  • Deleting a brand

To remove brands from your account, first you will have to disconnect any channels connected in the brand. You can remove a brand or disconnect a channel in the Brand Settings menu. 

If you have no channels connected, you can remove the brand directly by going to General Settings. 

Note: Only an administrator or account owner can remove brands and disconnect channels. 

Disconnecting channels

Before you remove a channel, make sure that you are completely done using this channel. Any local data, including drafts, comments, and approvals will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

1. Go to Brand Settings  > Social Channels. 

2. Select the channel from the list. 

3. Enter your Gain password and click Disconnect. 

Deleting a brand

After all of the channels have been disconnected, you will now be able to delete the brand. 

  1. Go to Brand Settings  > General Settings. 
  2. Click Delete Brand. 
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