Common Facebook scheduling questions & errors

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This article is a troubleshooting guide for the most common Facebook scheduling or publishing errors. Please note that Facebook Pages can get disconnected for many different reasons that we're not always able to foresee and are not covered in this article; if you need help please contact us via our in-app support widget or email us at 

An error message shows up when I try to schedule Facebook posts.

An error message when trying to schedule Facebook posts typically indicates you need to reconnect your page. Occasionally, Facebook pages in Gain get disconnected due to password changes, transient errors in the API, or policy changes set by the social network.

  • An unauthorized channel can cause many problems in Gain when trying to edit, reschedule, or schedule content. 
  • It can also manifest in different errors such as “This profile requires admin attention. Contact an account admin to fix”, “#200: Permission error”, or “Facebook responded: The user must be an administrator, editor, or moderator of the page to impersonate it.”
  • Gain will email administrators and show a banner in your calendar whenever a channel is disconnected. 
  • Only workspace or account administrators can reconnect channels. 
  • Only page admins can reconnect a Facebook page. Other roles like Editor or Moderator of a Facebook page cannot reconnect a page to Gain.

To reconnect the channel, follow the steps below: 

  1. Go to Workspace Settings > Social channels or Social Channels in Account. 
  2. Select the channel that requires your attention. 
  3. Click Reconnect. Now that you’ve reconnected your channels, you can schedule or publish content again. 

Learn more about why you need to reconnect social accounts and best practices.

I followed the steps to reconnect, but it’s not working. 

1. Verify Facebook Page Roles

Only profiles with Facebook access with full control of a Page in the new Pages experience can connect Pages or Instagram accounts to Gain. You need to switch into your Page to manage Page access. If your Facebook Page is in the Classic experience, click here.  

If you cannot see any of the pages you manage or have trouble reconnecting a Facebook Page or Instagram account, check with a full admin user. For more information on all Page roles and capabilities, see Facebook Help Center - Page Roles.

2. Check that Gain still has permission to post to your page(s)

In some instances, your social accounts will need to be fully reconnected, as simply reconnecting them won’t work. You’ll need to check Gain’s permissions in Facebook’s Business Integrations. 

Click here to go to your Business Integrations. You need to switch to your Facebook profile with full control of a Page, then follow the steps below:

  1. Find Gain on the list and click on View and edit. In the modal window, confirm if Gain still has permission to receive information and manage features for the page(s) you manage. 

2. Select all the pages or Instagram accounts you’d like to reconnect. Then, click Save and return to your Gain account to reconnect the page. 

Note: If you can't see any page(s) or accounts on this window, then click Remove to remove Gain from Business Integrations. Then, try to reconnect the page(s) again. 

These are some suggestions to try if reconnecting your page doesn't work immediately. If these don't work, or you need more assistance please contact us via our in-app support widget or email us at 

Why doesn't an image load for Facebook link post previews?

Facebook’s API scraper cannot load specific images at times, resulting in link post previews without photos. Facebook's debugger may show data, but the API scraper does not. Unfortunately, Gain cannot produce a proper link preview when the API scraper doesn't return data to us.

Even so, if a link post preview doesn't show up on Gain, it will most certainly show up on Facebook once the post is published. We understand this situation isn't ideal, so there are a few workarounds: 

  • Make sure Open Graph meta tags are correct if you have trouble seeing links post previews of content from websites you manage. 
  • Review Facebook's recommendations for using Open Graph meta tags on your website to maintain control over how your links will appear once published. With explicit OG tags in place, Gain can create proper link post previews. For more information on using Open Graph meta tags on your website, visit this page.
  • Use the photo post format. Upload your preferred image to your post and paste any links in the post message field. 
  • Share directly on Facebook's UI. If you need to have an exact idea of how Facebook will display a link when published, try to share it on Facebook and see what comes up. 

A post was approved and scheduled but not published.

When you schedule posts, Gain immediately pushes them to Facebook, and Facebook controls the publishing of content on a specific date/time. Once in a while, Facebook may fail to publish posts, and content scheduled via Gain will remain in Facebook’s Scheduled Posts queue without publishing and without sending back an error message. 

We have implemented safeguards to prevent this from happening, which helps make the error happen less often.  Typically, refreshing your page's connection in Workspace Settings > Social channels and rescheduling or publishing later will resolve the problem. If you need more assistance, please get in touch with support via our in-app support widget or email us at 

(#32) Page request limit reached

If you receive this message, you are hitting Facebook's API call limit for the page. Facebook made some changes to their API back in 2016 and now impose limits on a page-by-page basis. 

  • What does this mean for third-party application users like you?

The page-level rate limits follow a 24-hour sliding window versus the 1-hour window for app-level rate limiting, with the limit being 4,800 calls per engaged user per 24 hours for any given Page. 

Any calls made to the Pages API when the Page management app remains "rate-limited" for the 24-hour window exceeding the Page's allowed limit will result in Error Code 32. 

  • How does this change affect my Gain activity? 

Gain is very judicious in the number of API calls it makes to your page to avoid issues like this as much as possible. However, you may see them if you're working on a page with low fan engagement or if you have many third-party apps connected to the page.  

The workaround is to wait a few minutes, then try again. Also, disconnect any extra third-party apps connected to the page if you can. 

Invalid parameter when trying to schedule content

If you're uploading an image on Facebook and see the Invalid Parameter error, it is usually due to an internal error within the image.

For example, when you try to upload the image on Gain it appears fine, but once Gain sends the content to Facebook for publishing, Facebook sends Gain an error, which is the “invalid parameter” one you can see in the UI.  

To fix this, you will need to open the image in any image editor you have and then re-save it. It’s not necessary to make any actual changes to the picture. Once you do this, you should be able to upload the image successfully. 

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