Typically, after content is sent for approval, approving parties may have revision requests. Only users who follow specific content in a brand (or the person who creates the post) will receive revision requests. 


This process is the same for any revision request in any given approval round. Whenever someone in a round requests a change, the content status will change from Pending Approval to Requires Revision. 

In the Notification Center “🔔”, you can check if an approver has requested a revision for the content you have been working on. Click on the Post ID to access the Post Editor and reply to the revision requests. 

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Following up on revision requests

All requests for revisions will be shown in the All Activity panel of each piece of content. This section is located inside each piece of content and is a very crucial part of the workflow. This is where team members can communicate with each other, leaving feedback or assigning to-dos for specific content in different channels


The All Activity panel also shows a history of who and what changes were made to each piece of content. Comments are only visible to administrators, publishers, and contributors working on that brand.



After making the necessary changes to content or sending follow-up questions, you can leave a comment to the approver to let them know any specifics about the changes. Users with the Approver only role will be able to see comments left to them only when the content is under Revision. This is important if comments must be made for content that has multiple rounds of approval with internal team notes, but you want the person or approver that requested changes to know that their request has been fulfilled. 


Note: Leaving a comment to an approver will automatically renotify the approver, placing the content back in Pending Approval status. 

After the appropriate changes have been made, if no comments are left for approvers, you can renotify them. Clicking Renotify Approvers will trigger a new Approval Notification to the user that first sent the request. The content will go from Requires Revision back to Pending Approval.

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