Creating Content for Instagram

Gain supports publishing for business and creator accounts. If you need guidance on converting your personal profile to a business or creator account, see this Instagram help article. To add new Instagram profiles to your workspace, follow the steps outlined here.

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Before you get started 

Set a default publishing mode

Gain supports automatic publishing for photo posts (including carousels), videos, stories, and reels. Alternatively, you can opt for manual publishing and assign a team member to publish posts through the Instagram app. 

  1. Go to Workspace Settings Social Channel and find your Instagram account.
  2. Click Manage
  3. Choose your preferred publishing mode and click Set as Default Publishing Mode.

You can always switch the publishing mode on a per-post basis under Publishing in the post editor. 

Supported formats

  • MP4, MOV, JPG, PNG, GIF.
  • Max image size: 8MB (Optimal resolution: around 1200px).
  • Video posts: Up to 100MB (3-90 seconds, 4:5 to 16:9 aspect ratio). Videos outside the supported limits can be published through the Gain Notify app. 
  • Photo Stories: Up to 5MB.
  • Video Stories: Up to 600MB, 60 seconds max. The video duration has a hard limit (up to 60 seconds), so you can’t upload videos with a fraction of a second over the time limit.  HDR videos are not publishing correctly due to an Instagram bug. We recommend SDR.
  • Reels: Up to 100MB, 90 seconds max. 1920 pixel max width and 9:16 aspect ratio (tall). Videos outside the supported limits can be published through the Gain Notify app. 
  • The character limit for post copy is 2200.

Post types

You can create and schedule photo posts, carousels (up to 10 images), reels, animated GIFs (automatic publishing not supported yet), and stories. 

Editing photos

You'll see all the photos or creative assets you upload for your post in the Images Tray, but only images you intend to publish will be prominently displayed at the top section and in your post preview to the left. 

  • If you want to remove a photo, just click the [X] in the top-right corner. This action will remove the image from the preview. To add another photo, simply select one from the Image Tray. 
  • You can crop, resize, add text, and apply effects to your images with Gain's photo editor. To edit your photo, hover over the image and click on the three dots in the left corner. 

Select a thumbnail cover for videos.

Once you upload your video, you can select a frame of the video as a thumbnail cover. 

  1. In the Thumbnail Cover section, click the pencil icon.  
  2. Drag the slider to the position in the video that you want to select as your cover. Click Save


You can upload both photo and video stories to Gain. 

  • When it comes to photo stories, you can drag and drop up to 10 slides. However, elements like polls, tags, stickers, or music are only available on the Instagram app and can't be added to your stories from the Gain post composer. 
  • Video stories can be up to 600MB and 60 seconds max. We recommend SDR, as HDR videos are not publishing correctly due to an Instagram bug. 

Tag people in your posts

To tag an Instagram profile in your image, follow these steps:

  1. Click the three dots on the top left corner of the image you want to tag and select Tag People.

  1. Click the location on the image where you want to place the tag. Type the profile handle and click Add Tag.

Note: You can only tag up to 20 public accounts per image. Gain won't provide suggestions, so be sure to have the correct username at hand.

Plan your Instagram feed

The grid shows up to 20 live posts, even if posted outside of Gain. You can rearrange them on the grid by publish date and sort by their status.

  1. To access your grid, find the Instagram logo on the top left of your navigation bar.
  2. Click on the publish date, select a new date/time, and then click Preview. Your post will change positions on the grid when you change the publish date. 

Changing the dates rearranges the content on the grid only for preview purposes. When you're happy with your changes, click Save Changes to apply all the new dates to your content.

To leave the grid without saving any changes, click Close Grid, then Close Without Saving

Schedule a First Comment

Scheduling a first comment is an easy way to boost engagement and increase reach on Instagram. First comment is available for both manual and direct publishing. 

You can add your first comment in the First Comment field under Caption

Note: You can only use 30 hashtags in your post caption and first comment combined.

Instagram limits first comments to up to 2,000 characters and 10 mentions

Set Up Push Notifications via Gain Notify

When posts are set to manual publishing, you can download the Gain Notify mobile app to receive reminders when it's time to post. The Gain Notify app transfers the post(s) to your phone for easy publishing. 

Remember that only people with the Publisher or Admin role can be set as manual publishers for an Instagram channel. You can designate a manual publisher in the Workspace Settings menu under Social Channels

  1. Click Manage next to the Instagram channel
  2. In the section Manual Publishing, pick a user from the dropdown list.

This person will now receive push notifications through the Gain Notify app. The Gain Notify app is available for download on both Android and iOS. Be sure to allow push notifications from Gain Notify on your mobile device

Post to Instagram with Gain Notify

Posts will show chronologically by publish date and social profile name in the Pending tab within the Gain Notify app. You'll only see posts precisely at the time or after they're due to be published, and not before.

    • Any posts pending manual publishing on your calendar will be set to "MPUB" status until you publish them on Instagram.
    • Gain Notify stores images and videos on your mobile device.
    • Post captions are automatically copied to your clipboard. Tap and hold to paste them into the caption field. 
    • In the Gain Notify app, the Posted section displays all the content you've manually published. You can find the post you've previously published and remove it by tapping I Already Published This. This action will update your post's status from "MPUB" to "Live" on your calendar.

Publishing via Buffer

To publish single-image posts via Buffer, your Instagram profiles should already be connected and set up for direct publishing on Buffer. For Instagram profiles connected to Buffer, any content beyond single images (such as multi-photo posts, videos, and reels) will be published directly via Gain using the Instagram API.

You can go to Workspace Settings > Social Channels to get started.

  1. Click Manage next to the Instagram account.
  2. Click Connect via Buffer and follow the steps to connect.

Important: Service is subject to Buffer's terms and conditions. Any limitations on their service depend on your Buffer plan. See the Buffer website for details. Gain is not a partner or is affiliated with Buffer.

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