How do I schedule an Instagram post with the first comment?

Adding the first comment to your posts on Instagram is a great way to include extra hashtags or more details in your posts. This article will cover adding the first comment to your Instagram posts in Gain. 

Before you get started 

  • First comment direct publishing is only available for Instagram business profiles. 
  • You can only use a total of 30 hashtags in your post caption and first comment combined.
  • Instagram limits first comments up to 2,000 characters and 10 mentions
  • First comment is available for both manual and direct publishing. 
Here's how to add a first comment to your Instagram posts: 

1. Write your first comment in the First Comment field right under Caption

Important: Gain will direct publish your First Comment only for single-image and single-video posts. 

2. Save your post and see your first comment in the preview. 

That's it! 

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