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  • Logging in
  • Creating your first post
  • Sending content for approval
  • Keep track of the  status of content
  • Getting feedback & revising content
  • Publishing content

With Gain, your team will be able to automate your content planning, approval, and publishing workflow. Think of Gain as your team’s automated traffic manager, notifying the right people at the right time, gathering feedback from content approvers and clients, and moving the process along until everything is approved and published.

Logging in

When someone in your agency or on your team invites you to collaborate on Gain, you will receive an invitation via email. 

Clicking the Accept Invitation button will take you to Gain, where you can set up your password. After your password is set, you will see your account’s dashboard with all the brands you have been given access to.

As a Publisher, you can create and edit content in any status, send content for approval, as well as schedule and publish content. Publishers are usually internal team members and can export data as well. 

Creating your first post

When you’re ready to create content, click on any brand on your account dashboard to open up the calendar and follow the steps: 

  1. Click on the +New Content button or hover over the date in the calendar and click on the New Content icon. 

2. Select the connected channel where you want to create your content. 

3. This will bring up the Creative Editor, where you can create text, image, GIF, or video posts and see previews of your content as you create it. To the right, you will be able to mention other team members, see the activity log, and the approval process. 

When you are done creating content you can: 

  • Save it as a draft
  • Send it for approval
  • Duplicate it to other channels
  • Publish it! 

Important: Gain’s post editor also allows you to upload, find, edit, and crop images without leaving the app. Learn more about the Creative Editor here.

Duplicate content from one channel to another

Duplicating content with Gain is easy! You can start a Twitter post with a video, then duplicate it to Facebook and make both the text and video longer, for example. Or, create an Instagram post then copy it to Facebook and add a link. To get started, choose which post you will duplicate in the Calendar or List View and then follow these steps: 

  1. Select the content that you want to duplicate. 
  2. Click Duplicate in the action bar at the top. 

Tip: You can also duplicate a post from inside the Creative Editor after saving it as a draft. 

3. Select the brand or channels where you want the content to go.

Once you're done duplicating, your new content will appear as a draft on the same date as your original post.

Important: If you're duplicating an un-dated post, your new duplicated post(s) will appear in the List View, the same as un-dated drafts. 

Sending content for approval

When you are ready to send content for review, just click To Approval from the action bar, which is visible wherever you are in the Gain app. Keep in mind, you can only send content for approval that has been saved and has the Draft, Revision, or Pending Next Round status.

Learn more about sending content to approval here.

Keep track of the status of your content

View the status of your content in the Calendar, List View, or Post Editor. Content advances through your workflow either manually or automatically using Approval Templates and the status of your content will be reflected with each of these colors. 

For a full guide about the stages, your content goes through as it moves from draft to scheduled status, click here

Getting feedback and revising posts

After content is sent for approval, the approvers selected in your approval template will receive an email or browser notification that there is content pending their approval. You will have the option to include a note along with any content you send for approval. 

In the Revision stage, you can also ask a follow-up question to approvers and have controlled conversations with them.


A special link in the notification will take your approvers to Gain to approve or request revisions on the pending content. Any revision requests and comments will be shown in the Approvals section of the creative editor. You can also access pending revisions from your brand’s dashboard in the Account Home page. 

To learn more about revising posts visit this guide.  

Publishing Content

Once content is approved, it will have an Approved status or Scheduled status. You can check at any time that your approved posts are indeed scheduled to go live. 

For manual publishing, there is a Publish Now option in the action bar to push one or multiple posts live immediately. 

To learn how to create and schedule content for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, click here

Publishing to Instagram

To publish posts on Instagram, you will need to use Gain Notify, a Gain companion mobile app for iOS and Android

Make sure an administrator of the account assigns your user as the manual publisher for Instagram posting on Gain by clicking People, Workflow, Settings > Social Channels. Next, click Instagram Settings and change the user to the designated manual publisher. 


Scheduled Instagram posts are sent to Gain Notify at the time of the publishing date. You will receive a push notification and an email when it’s time to publish. 


All posts, including text descriptions, are automatically sent from Gain to Gain Notify so that you can post to Instagram with just a tap. 


For a complete guide on posting to Instagram with Gain, click here. 



What’s Next?

After learning the basics, you and your team will want to get the most of Gain or learn more about content planning, approvals, and scheduling

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